pH prescription Air Odorox = Hydroxol Ion Generator

pH prescription Air Odorox = Hydroxol Ion Generator

Hydroxyl is a naturally-occurring compound present in the earth's atmosphere that scrubs pollution, odors, and harmful pathogens from the air we breathe. When ultraviolet UV-C radiation from the sun shines on water vapor in the atmosphere, Hydroxyls and hydroxyl radicals are generated.

Hydroxyl Ion Technology is the combination of H2O water molecules (moisture in the air) negative hydroxyl ion atoms (OH-) and UV-C light. Hydroxyls convert ozone to more safe Hydroxyl ions; clean, sanitize, and freshen the air; clean dirty, smelly, plugged air conditioner cooling coils and ductwork.


This process is what nature has used to clean the earth's atmosphere for millions of years, is non-invasive, environmentally safe approved, and is certified organic. Thus, Hydroxyl Ion generator is a safe and highly effective tool to naturally eliminate many environmental health issues. There are no chemicals and there is no residue.

Additionally, when the Air Probe Sanitizer's special ozone-destroying ultraviolet lamps emit UV-C rays, negative hydroxyl ions are also formed. The UV light shines on the water droplets on your air conditioner's cooling coil and water vapor in the air in your ducts.

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