Checking for Genetic in Stuart

Checking for Genetic SNP’s

Gene SNP DNA Analysis is the first nutrikinesio test that presents customized nutritional supplements and fitness recommendations based on your genetic profile. The most regular type of genetic variation among people is SNPs or Single nucleotide polymorphisms, (pronounced “snips”). Each SNP corresponds to a variation in a single DNA building block, called a nucleotide. For example, a SNP may replace the nucleotide cytosine (C) with the nucleotide thymine (T) in a certain stretch of DNA.

And why any of this matters? Scientifically, our genes are comprised of four nucleotide bases that, depending on how they are arranged, can create about three billion combinations that determine how the body functions. These individual combinations instruct the body on how to perform each of its functions. Changing just one base can change a gene’s meaning and purpose, a variation that, in scientific terms, is called a single nucleotide polymorphism, or SNP

Some of the genetic differences have proven to be very important in the study of human health. However, for the most part SNPs have no effect on health or development.  According to some studies, SNPs may help predict an individual’s susceptibility to environmental factors such as toxins, and risk of developing particular diseases, and response to certain drugs. SNPs can also be used to track the inheritance of disease genes within families.


There are roughly 10 million SNPs in the human genome, in other words, they occur once in every 300 nucleotides on average. They can help scientists locate genes that are associated with disease acting as biological markers.  Most frequently, these variations are found in the DNA between genes. When SNPs occur within a gene or in a regulatory region near a gene, they may play a more direct role in disease by affecting the gene’s function. Overall, The Gene SNP DNA Analysis can identify your unique gene variations and how those variations are affecting your body.

Depending on their form the SNPs, can play different functions within your body. For example, there are two specific Angiotensin Converting Enzyme, or ACE, SNPs. One variation in the ACE gene is associated with better metabolic efficiency and muscle mass, helping a person during endurance-related workouts. On the other hand, the other variation of the same gene, has been associated with risk of hypertension, decreased insulin sensitivity and altered levels of cholesterol, all of which can be offset with proper education, nutrition, exercise and supplementation.

Future studies will work to identify SNPs associated with complex diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.



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