Specialized Testing

  Specialized Health Testing


We offer our patients an advanced testing that will provide them with wide information on their overall health. We can identify their risk factors and with that in mind, we can move on to designing a the best treatment plan in order to keep their health in check as you age.

  Introducing P-O-E-T-R-Y
POETRY is a nationwide, Medicare-approved research study to understand how drugs effect people individually, resulting in improved health outcomes from optimal medication selection to reduced adverse drug events, hospitalizations and emergency department visits.

Micronutrient Testing


How do you know what supplements you really need?. Most of us simply read articles or watch on television a doctor explaining about the importance of vitamins such as B12 and then just run out and buy them. But you never know if those are the ones your body really needs.

Our micronutrient test, assesses 32 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, to evaluate your nutritional status, this is crucial for your health and performance. You will receive a detail list of all the vitamins your body is lacking and modify a program that's right for you.



Advanced Cholesterol Panel or LipoProtein Particle Profile

Research has recently discovered that the size of your LipoProtein wich carries cholesterol is the best analyst of your risk for heart disease. Those small particles cause plaque production and cardiovascular disease progression. We will provide you with this and a lot more important information, to customize a plan that will reduce cardiovascular risk.



Telomere Testing

Telomeres are the end caps on your DNA, that gives us significant information about how fast you are aging. Shorter telomeres equal an increased age and a higher risk for disease. At the end of the chromosome, telomeres protect DNA from becoming improperly attached and loosing essential genetic information.

This information is vital to keeps you healthy and disease free. We will use this specialized test to developed a plan for you to have a long life.



Testing the Tumor Cells for Hormone Receptors

A hormone receptor is a specialized protein located on the surface of or within a cell. The receptor binds to the female hormones estrogens and progesterone, which flow through the blood. Once bound, the hormone signals the cell to start growing and multiplying.

Many breast cancer tumours contain hormone receptors in large numbers. When hormone receptors are present, estrogens and or progesterone can stimulate the growth of the cancer. Hormone-dependent cancers often respond well to hormone therapy, which differ from hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

If neither estrogens receptors (ER) nor progesterone receptors (PR) are present, the cancer is said to be “hormone-receptor-negative” and hormone therapy would likely be ineffective. Having the knowledge of whether the cancer cells have hormone receptors can be valuable to your medical team and for your treatment plan.

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