Nutritional intervention - TPN

Nutritional intervention - TPN



Nutritional intervention


Nutritional intervention plans usually follow a progression from oral to enteral to parenteral, as follows:


Oral nutrition


This is the starting point of all interventions. It consists of dietary change, as well as the addition of between-meal snacks and nutritional supplements.


Enteral nutrition


A patient with a functional gastrointestinal (GI) tract is a candidate for enteral support when he or she will not, should not, or cannot take nutrition orally. Enteral feeding can be nasogastric or nasoduodenal/nasojejunal or can be administered via gastrostomy or jejunostomy.


Parenteral nutrition


Parenteral nutritional support is indicated for patients with a nonfunctioning GI tract and an inability to tolerate oral or enteral nutrition. Types of parenteral nutrition are as follows:

Peripheral parenteral nutrition (PPN): Considered to be a short-term/adjunct intervention; a time frame of less than 14 days is recommended
Total parenteral nutrition (TPN): Intended for full nutritional support; it is recommended for a minimum of 7 days for improvement in patient outcome to occur
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