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Thermal Life Sauna Overview / Description


High Tech Health has been promoting infrared sauna therapy for over 15 years as an extremely efficient way to detoxify the body of heavy metals and chemicals. With our reputable background, team of medical practitioners, years of research and education, we have designed the Thermal Life Sauna as the safest and most effective sauna for far infrared detoxification.


Hypoallergenic, Premium Poplar Wood

  All poplar construction – confirmed to be non-toxic by both researchers and thousands of past and present High Tech Health customers, including the most chemically sensitive.
  Poplar wood does not outgas chemicals or have strong odors making it superior to cedar, spruce, hemlock and basswood.
  Poplar is the only wood that will not cause lung, eye, nasal and skin irritations and add to the body’s total toxic burden
  Poplar is the wood recommended by toxicologists for clinical and home use of therapy saunas used for medical purposes.



State-of-the-art Bio-Resonance Heaters

  Our custom designed ceramic-inside-metal-sheath heaters deliver the highest quality FIR therapy (130-145 degrees) with the lowest EMF rating (less than 1.5mG).
  Emitters are strategically placed throughout the Thermal Life to ensure full body coverage and deliver therapeutic temperatures in less than 20 minutes.
  The frequency and intensity of the FIR therapy has been engineered for optimal absorption and controlled detoxification.



Fresh Air Fan

  Having a ceiling fan eliminates CO2 build up to keep the air healthy, delivers fresh air to the body as the core temperature increases and provides for the purest detoxification experience.
  The Thermal Life Sauna is the only sauna available with a fresh air fan, supporting its medical grade design and ability to safely and effectively detoxify the body.




  The Thermal Life Sauna is 3rd party certified for both residential and commercial use.
  Certifications meet and exceed the requirements for Canada, the United States and Europe.



Lifetime Warranty

  A Lifetime Warranty covers the heaters, workmanship and electronics on the Thermal Life Sauna.
  High Tech Health is the only company that has a Lifetime Warranty on a sauna for clinical use.
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