Gastrointestinal Testing

GI Effects Stool profiles

The GI Effects Comprehensive Profile is unlike any other stool analysis profile. Its purpose is to go further than the standard parameters for identifying gastrointestinal disorders. It uses the culture-based and molecular approach for the stool-based gastrointestinal diagnostics. We have the best technology that helps us to identify unlimited number of parasites. O&P technology Is the gold standard diagnostics methodology for parasite detection, while PCR technology provides a generous assessment of anaerobic gut microflora.

Advantages of the GI Effects Stool Profile

The O&P technology enhances clinical utility for parasite detection. It is the most current clinical diagnostic standard of care. Optimized Parasite Recovery (OPR) is Genova Diagnostics’ version of O&P technology thay is used to optimized parasite detection thru a concentration process. Microbial DNA analysis is utilized to optimise the assessment of gut microbial composition because a vast majority of commensal gut microflora are anaerobes, that lead to culture challenges for the patient.

1-Day or 3-Day Sample Collection Option

90% of enteric parasitic infections are detected in a sample from a single stool collection, as parasite recovery writings imply. For better and improved recovery results, come from the collection of additional specimens on separate days, not only that, the Center for Disease Control also recommend a minimum of three samples on three separate days in order to optimize parasite detection. On occasions 20-24% of U.S. patients with mild to moderate GI symptoms have been detected with parasites.

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