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GI doctor in Stuart

GI doctor in Stuart

How to choose a GI doctor in Stuart?

GI doctors, or gastroenterologists, are very sought after due to treating illnesses of the many organs of the digestive tract. Thus, it’s very important to choose a good GI doctor, so you can be sure you will be in good hands.

The first step to choose a GI doctor in Stuart is to check that they are properly qualified. Physicians need to undergo several years of study to be recognized as gastroenterologists: four years of medical school, three years of residency in internal medicine and a two or three-year fellowship in gastroenterology. After completing these studies, they must pass a Gastroenterology Board Certification exam. This will make them board certified in gastroenterology by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Being board certified is important, but that is not the only factor to determine your choice. There are different kinds of gastroenterologists, and you need to look for the one who is best for what you need. Some specialize in hepatology (diseases of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas), some on inflammatory bowel disease, some on gastrointestinal cancer. Some GI doctors are also surgeons, which is good if your problem requires surgical intervention.

Finally, it’s also essential to consider the relationship your GI doctor has with his or her patients. You should look for a physician who is honest, but also kind and caring. Gastroenterologist need to have physical contact with their patients due to the nature of the examinations, so the doctor you choose should also be respectful and meticulous. To make sure your GI specialists has a good rapport with his or her patients, you can talk to other patients or read testimonials about them.

Dr. Deborah DeMarta fulfills all these requisites. If you need a GI doctor in Stuart, contact her at the Institute of Health & Wellness!

Phone: (772) 539-9556

Address: 218 SW Atlanta Ave, Stuart, FL 34994.

GI doctor in Stuart