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Bowel incontinence in Sebastian

Bowel incontinence in Sebastian

Bowel incontinence is the impaired ability to control gas or stool. Causes may include diminished muscle strength with age, injury during childbirth, trauma, or infections around the anal area.

Depending on the severity of the problem, it may be corrected with simple dietary changes, the use of some constipating medications, and exercises to strengthen the anal muscles. In more severe cases, biofeedback maybe used to help patients sense when stool is ready to be evacuated and to help strengthen the muscles. Bowel incontinence in Sebastian may be repaired with surgery. Surgery may entail sphincter repair or reconstruction. Implantation of an artificial device also may be effective.

At Institute of Health & Wellness, Bowel Incontinence in Sebastian is treated with the best professionals and equipment. The first step is to diagnostic the correct treatment for you depending on what's causing the problem.

If you have difficulty controlling your bowels. Don't be embarrassed about talking to someone about it. Remember that, it's not something to be ashamed of, it's a common condition that can be treated.

Reducing Bowel Incontinence in Sebastian it’s possible! Just contact us!

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Accurate Treatment for Bowel Incontinence in Sebastian