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Colon cancer test in Stuart

Colon cancer test in Stuart

Colon cancer test in Stuart itself usually takes about 30 minutes, but it may take longer if a polyp is found and removed. Before the Colon cancer test in Stuart begins, you will be given a sedating medicine (into a vein) to make you feel comfortable and sleepy during the procedure.

For most people, this medicine leads to them being unaware of what is going on and unable to remember the procedure afterward. You will wake up after the test is over, but might not be fully awake until later in the day. During the Gastrointestinal testing, you will be asked by the Colon doctor to lie on your side with your knees flexed and a drape will cover you. Your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate will be monitored during and after the test.

Your Colon doctor might insert a gloved finger into the rectum to examine it before inserting the colonoscope. The colonoscope is lubricated so it can be easily inserted into the rectum. Once in the rectum, the colonoscope is passed all the way to the beginning of the colon, called the cecum. If you are awake, you may feel an urge to have a bowel movement when the colonoscope is inserted or pushed further up the colon.

To ease any discomfort it may help to breathe deeply and slowly through your mouth. The Colon doctor injects air into the colon through the colonoscope to make it easier to see the lining of the colon and use the instruments to perform the test. If your Colon doctor sees a larger polyp or tumor or anything else abnormal, a biopsy may be done.

For this procedure, a small piece of tissue is taken out through the colonoscope. The tissue is looked at under a microscope to determine if it is a cancer, a benign (non-cancerous) growth, or a result of inflammation.

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Colon cancer test in Stuart