BRAC Analysis in Stuart

BRAC- Analysis- A Test for Heredity Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome

Having acknowledged of the level of risk for breast and ovarian cancer runs in your family can facilitate you and your doctor the decision making, about your health, before cancer has a chance to develop. Therefore, this is not a test for cancer: it is a test that can tell your risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer syndrome to make more informed decisions.

We suggest you to consider testing for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC) syndrome if:

There are two or three family members with breast cancer in the same side of the family
The same person or persons on the same side of the family present pancreatic cancer and an HBOC-associated* cancer.
  BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation in your family has been identified in the past
  Existence of personal or family history of an HBOC-associated cancer
  Previous Breast cancer at age 50 or younger or Male breast cancer at any age
  Triple negative breast cancer at any age
  Previous Ovarian cancer at any age
  BRAC Analysis in Stuart
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