Saliva testing in Stuart

About Saliva Testing

The underlying principle for clinical utility of saliva testing is well recognized. Between 95% and 99% of Steroid hormones in the bloodstream are bound to carrier proteins, so they are not available to target tissues. However, the small remain fraction freely diffuses into the salivary gland and other tissues. That is the reason why DHEA-S, progesterone, testosterone, estrogens and cortisol are usually tested in saliva.

The hormone that is presently accessible to target tissues and actively applying specific effects on the body is represented by Hormone levels in saliva. Therefore, some specific symptoms of hormone excesses or deficiencies are directly linked to salivary hormone levels.

Salivary hormone levels and reported symptoms have been clearly correlated at different studies and research projects. It’s relevant to considerate that Saliva testing requires particularly sensitive assay methods, due to the very little concentrations of salivary hormones: just 1% to 5% of the total hormone levels that include protein-bound hormone found in serum.


For instance, estrogens are present in very small quantities in saliva, particularly in elder groups of population such as postmenopausal women.

Now, as an extremely sensitive test is required, tooth brushing must be avoided before collecting saliva for testing in order to stay away from blood contamination of saliva as a consequence of oral injury. On the other hand, Blood spot testing is a preferred option for sublingual hormone users, and saliva testing is appropriate for these patients only if samples are obtained at least 36 hours after the last dose.


Saliva testing in Stuart
  Saliva testing is less costly than regular serum testing
Unlike serum tests, Saliva testing, assays the free levels of steroid hormones (bio-available steroids), and it’s correlation with potential deficiency and symptomatology.
Worldwide shipment and convenient mailing of samples for testing are allowed thanks to the fact that hormones are stable in saliva at room temperature for up to 2 weeks.
Cortisol and other substances must be measured at specific times of the day or night. Saliva testing allows convenient timing of collection because samples are collected by the patient at home. Stress of a blood draw can affect levels of cortisol, which can affect levels of cortisol. Saliva collection evades that kind of stress
There are some situations where frequent sampling is required. For example, during a menstrual cycle to determine fertility problems. Saliva testing convenience of collection facilitates these processes.
  During Topical hormone supplementation, hormone levels can be assessed.
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